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Deuces Wild - Specialty Instant Coffee

Deuces Wild Specialty Instant Coffee
250g pouch (50-80 servings)
Serving scoop included. 

Introducing specialty instant coffee! Yes you read that correctly - instant coffee. This is not your everyday bottom of the barrel instant coffee that may come to mind when thinking about traditional instant coffees. We have created a sweet, smooth and flavorful instant coffee that is a convenient, ready to drink - just add water (hot or cold) way to enjoy a tasty cup of specialty coffee anywhere...

Don't have a grinder, or brewing device? No problem! Using our world-class Catuai Natural from Elida Estate grown in volcanic highlands of western Panama, this one of a kind specialty instant coffee is perfect for any occasion at home or on the go. 

No matter where the next adventure takes you be prepared for exciting nights or sublime days with this one of a kind instant coffee. Gamble on coffee, it's a sure thing with a story in every cup. Brew Bold -  Simple & delicious. 
Origin: Panama 

Producer: Lamastus Family Farms, Elida Estate

Cultivar: Catuai 

Process: Natural 

Roast: Medium 

Sensory Notes: 
Sweet & Rich. Notes of Caramel, Nougat & Cacao with hints of holiday spice carried through out. 

- Ready to brew hot or cold. 

- Perfect for travelers, adventures and coffee cosmonauts alike. 

- Recommended Serving Size: 4-6g coffee / 8-10oz water depending on your preferred brew strength. 1-2 scoops (scoop included) per 8-10oz water - adjust to your desired brew strength as needed. 

- Each pouch contains 250g soluble specialty coffee - which will produce between 50-80 servings depending on desired strength. 
Currently only available in bulk pouches rather than individual single serve as part of our continued effort to reduce waste. 
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