America's Best Espresso 2nd Place - The Leam Hammer Blend

Awarded America's Best Espresso 2nd Place at Coffee Fest NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS IN MARCH 2017!

Emma's Jo: The Leam Hammer Blend - Competition Espresso:

Our one of a kind, 95 point rated, award winning competition espresso blend, designed to take your espresso experience to new heights...

Receiving an incredible 95 point rating from Coffee Review!

This Espresso is dedicated to the founders of Dragonfly Coffee Roasters daughter: Emma Jo. We created this blend to celebrate coffee, the people who grow it, the people who roast, the people who prepare it, and those who dare to follow a dream. We hope you enjoy and live with passion! 

"Blind Assesment: Fruit-forward, chocolaty, intricately structured. Blood orange, dark chocolate, saffron, lavender in aroma and small cup. Plump, silky mouthfeel; citrus, lavender and chocolate notes carry into a long, rich, expansive finish. The chocolate, flowers and fruit round but resonate harmoniously in three parts milk.

This blend of three coffees includes a fully washed Central America (all fruit residue removed from beans before drying), a pulped-natural from South America (only skin removed before drying) and a natural-processed coffee from East Africa (all the fruit remains on the beans during drying). 

Who Should Drink It: Those who value a remarkable espresso that reads as an elegantly balanced triangle of fruit, chocolate and flowers!"

Getting the most from this Espresso - recommended starting point:

(Espresso): 21 grams in (dry grounds), 42 grams (extracted liquid) out, 5-7 second pre-infusion, 35 second total pull time, 198F temperature. Experiment & enjoy!