Dragonfly Espresso Subscription

Dragonfly Espresso Subscription Service:

Enjoy our world class, award winning espresso offerings delivered fresh to your door! Become a subscription member today and save! It is quick and easy to build a subscription program that fits your coffee needs perfectly!

1. Select your desired delivery interval (every week, month, etc)

2. Select the Espresso of your choice

3. Select desired quantity (12oz or 5 pounds) *5lb only available in Whole Bean

4. Specifiy your grind preference if desired, default is whole bean. We HIGHLY recommend grinding your own at the time of preparation! 

Dragonfly's Award Winning Espresso Selections:

The Leam Hammer: America's Best Espresso 2nd Place 2016

- Fruits, Flowers & Confections: Sweet & Complex

Espresso Crema Dolce: Traditional North Italian Style

- Caramel, Nougat, Fresh Cedar: Mild & Smooth

Espresso Vesuvius: Traditional Southern Italian Style

- Roast, Earth & Spice: Bold & Sweet

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