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Aged Sumatra Blue Batak - 12oz Whole Bean

 Aged Sumatra Blue Batak

REGION: Lake Toba

PROCESS: Fully Washed & Aged

CULTIVAR:  Catimor and Typica


Historically aging was a normal part of coffees journey from seed to cup. In the sixteenth century, coffee destined for European coffee houses from the Yemen port of Mocha embarked on a long journey around the Southern tip of Africa. During this journey the extended exposure to wood, humidity and salt air would imbue a distinct character in the coffee which at that time was considered a desirable and sought after attribute, rather than a defect. In recent years, the allure of aged coffees have begun to reemerge with producers, importers and roasters alike. Intentionally aging coffee in order to replicate this old world flavor. 

Aging green (unroasted) coffee with excellent results requires a great deal of knowledge, patience and of course great coffee to start with.

Our Sumatra Aged Blue Batak, started its journey as the finest semi washed processed Catimor & Typica hybrid grown above Lake Toba in Northern Sumatra. Then stored and carefully monitored in humidity controlled curing rooms for 3 years. Resulting in a luxurious and exotic cup, full of depth and nuance not found in any other coffee

Sensory Notes: A deep and rich dark sugar sweetness surround a drying green apple-like acidity with notes of balsam fir, fresh cut cedar, licorice and pipe tobacco. Hints of earth, peat and black pepper carry long into a sharply flavor laden finish. 

Aged Sumatra is the quintessential romance coffee, exotic and alluring - evoking fanciful day dreams of adventures in far away lands. The perfect compliment to a cold winter day nestled beside the fire with a great book!

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